Yi Jing (Iching) Consultation

Know the Reaction to Every Action You Take!

Shakespeare couldn’t have said it better with his famous quote: “To be or not to be?”

Life poses many unknowns and variables that we are all susceptible to. This is when we start asking ourselves ‘Why’, ‘What’, ‘How’, ‘Where’ or ‘When’, and rack our brains trying to figure out the best solution to take.

Our hectic pace of life today unfortunately does not allow many of us to deliberate upon suitable decisions and actions at leisure. We need answers, and we need them fast!

A Time – tested, Accurate Science

With a history predating 4 millennia, the Yi Jing – or Classic of change – is one of the oldest Chinese texts surviving today. Its purpose as an oracle, in predicting the outcome of things, is based on the variables of time, Space and Specific Events.

A Yi Jing Consultation entails predicting or forecasting the outcome of executing a particular decision or action. Quite similar to the logic of Premise in mathematics, a Yi Jing Assessment provides specific answers to a pre–defined question. From a fixed input, we are able to derive the variable outcome of a particular choice or decision. From what we know, we are able to predict what still remains unknown.

Put simply, this science utilizes the principles of Affinity and Synchronicity, vis–a vis the input of Time, Space and Events.

How does a Yi Jing Assessment differ from Destiny Analysis?

A Destiny Analysis lays out your life Path for you – the Opportunities and Challenges you could potentially face in life.

A Yin Jing Assessment provides specific answers to any specific questions you may have about a specific event or endeavor. This is something that a Destiny Analysis would not be able to give you.

Basically, what a Yin Jing Assessment does is focus on only ONE aspect or item at a particular point in your life, and gives you a calculated prediction of the details that will follow suit, if you undertake a particular action. It gives you an insight into a situation, and what course of action to take in order to arrive at a satisfactory outcome at the end of the day.

There is no crystal ball, fortuitous sort of magic involved in a Yi Jing Assessment. This is simple ‘Logic in, Logic out’ rationale employed by software programmers and scientists as they carry out their experiments.

For instance, for your Consultant to assist you to the best of his or her capabilities, you should not be asking: “Which country should I best invest in?” instead, zoom into the nucleus of things by asking: “if I were to invest in China this year, how do I go about it, and what sort of outcome in terms of profitability may I expect?” Likewise, instead of asking “should I send my son overseas?”, you will be maximizing our session by asking: “if I were to send my son to Australia to study Economics next year, would this be good investment in his future?”

Similarly, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ sort of questions would also not be ideal for a Yi Jing Consultation, as you will certainly want to have a detailed reply to your queries – regardless of whether it’s a personal, professional or business – related matter.

The Yi Jing derives its strength from the Law of the Universe, as opposed to the Cosmic Trinity that features predominantly in Feng Shui and BaZi analyses.

And it’s Simple!

All we require from you are your questions. You know what you wish to know, and we would like to help you make the right decisions based on validated actions.

Yi Jing Consultations are by appointment only, as this is a special service intended to help clients approach nagging questions in life with confidence and a sense of optimism. Please check with us in advance, before fixing an appointment.