Everything has its Time!

If you wish to reap maximum benefits from an endeavor, it is important that the most ideal date is selected prior to your actually engaging in this endeavor. Date selection is a meticulous, structured process that involves matching the BaZi of an individual or the key members of an organization to an auspicious date, to ensure a favorable outcome the end of the day.

Whatever your endeavor may be, consult us for the most auspicious dates!

Marriage Date Selection 

Marriage is one of the most important decisions a person can make. We will check the BaZi charts of both partners, and recommend the most auspicious date for you to tie the knot.

Caesarean Birth Date Selection 

Selecting the best possible date to deliver your child is a unique way of ensuring that your son or daughter has the best possible Destiny chart. This is crucial in opening a wealth of opportunities and potentials for your child. Our consultant shall analyze the 10 consecutive days prior to predicted date of delivery, and recommend the most auspicious one for Caesarean delivery.

House – Moving Date Selection 

Moving into a new home is indeed a rewarding experience by itself. Let us make it all the more memorable for you, by selecting the most auspicious date for you to do so! Well will analyze the BaZi charts of all the occupants of your new home, to ensure a safe transition blessed with prosperity and good health for everyone.

Renovation & Groundbreaking Dates 

Whether it is a commercial or residential property, renovating an existing property or performing the groundbreaking ceremony of a new property is a significant undertaking. You will certainly want to ensure that it progresses smoothly and without any hiccups. Why not contact us, and let us assist you in selecting the best date to commence your works?

Signing of Contracts 

You have successfully brokered that all – important deal. Now let us help you pick the most suitable date for signing the contract and ensuring a fruitful venture.

Official Openings 

Commencing a business or entrepreneurial venture is always a meaningful event. Bear in mind that Heavenly blessings, Earth luck and your own efforts are required to make any endeavor successful. Still, you can provide a good start for yourself by starting your business on the most auspicious date possible!

Product Launches 

A new product is a huge investment in resources and its launching is a crucial event for any organization. Let us provide you with the best choices of dates, in ensuring your product launch is done on an auspicious date.