Annual BaZi Forecast 

An Annual BaZi Forecast provides a compact, specific analysis on the four key areas of the individual’s life: health, wealth, relationship and career, over the span of a year. This allows you to identify the potential for each month and take the necessary steps to manage the year ahead.

Your Personal BaZi Coach 

Let us help you shape your Destiny, with this revolutionary package! Limited to only a selected number of clients, as this is a unique program for anyone looking to create a lasting change in their life. Under this program, you will be assigned your own personal BaZi consultant – cum – coach over an agreed period of time. His / her job will be to dispense advice on any facet of your life, on which you wish to seek guidance from a BaZi perspective. Your Coach will also monitor your progress, and schedule face – to – face meeting with you on a regular basis. This is the first and only service of its kind, so book early to avoid disappointment!