Sharmila Mohanan
Sharmila Mohanan Fengshui & Chinese Astrologer

About Me

Master Sharmila Mohanan  is one of the leading Vastu, Fengshui & Classical Fengshui Consultants in Mumbai, India in Chinese based metaphysics commonly called as Feng Shui. She comes from a background of Education in Bachelors Degree of Commerce from Mumbai University. With 10 years of experience in Feng Shui research & practice, she has greatly achieved in Feng Shui field.

Since 2001, she is associated with Classical Feng Shui and other Chinese Metaphysic subjects. She had undergone her formal studies and rigorous training under World Renowned Masters. Since then she continued her advanced studies in Feng Shui, BaZi Chinese Astrology, Yijing (I Ching) and Date Selection.

  • Mastered in Feng Shui with both the systems San He and San Yuan(Flying Stars, Xong Kong, Da Gua and Date Selection)
  • Mastered in BaZi.
  • Specialized in Date Selection.
  • Yijing (I Ching).

Master Sharmila Mohanan, is full time astrologer and provides professional as well as ethical professional Consultancy offering BaZi chart consults for Individuals, couples, families, and Feng Shui for Town Planning, Planning of Industrial as well as Residential Complexes, Commercial Malls, flats, bungalows, shops, factories, Hotels, Schools, Industrial as well as Agricultural plots, etc. She has a vast amount of clients, not only in Mumbai, but all over the country.

She has provided feng shui & Vastu consultation for various residential and commercial projects. She has also done feng shui site design for many clients. She has helped clients to select the best property suitable for them. By using BaZi analysis she has guided many clients regarding their and their family’s life paths. Business owners have used BaZi and Yijing (I Ching) analysis for various purposes like knowing the outcome of a partnership, the outcome of a particular project, for wealth generation etc. Date selection services for signing important contracts, business openings, starting construction work, moving house/office, starting repair works and weddings dates. As a consultant, she works as a guide helping people to realize their inner potentials and drawbacks. She guides her clients so that they have that little extra advantage of knowing the outcome of any event, she gives them the insights of a situation this helps them to make their decisions. Her goal is to guide people in realizing their dreams and achieving their goals so that they can be benefited immensely from the great science commonly known as Feng Shui.

Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui have always brought relief to each and everyone. Sharmila Mohanan has an amazing mastery over the subject through her judicious and deep studies under the world famous Masters and applying the science to the typical Indian themes connected with the anxiety and worries.

A short discussion with this master of Chinese Astrology BaZi as also the Fengshui will bring your anxieties down and provide you a calm you never experienced earlier. Her interpretations about your destiny are based
upon just an information thread that you provide her.

Although magic may not be the proper word to use for results from a science that has been practiced for thousands of years, one can only say that the feeling one gets from the narrations by Sharmila Mohanan are no less than a shining path that opens up our life.

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