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Sharmila Mohanan – Fengshui Master & Chinese Astrologer Fengshui Master, Sharmila Mohanan is one of the leading Vastu & Fengshui ConsultantClassical Fengshui Consultant, Chinese Astrologer & Fengshui Trainer based in Mumbai, India with 10 years of vast experience in Fengshui & Chinese Astrology.Learn More
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“We were lucky to have Ms Sharmila Mohanan as our consultant who guided us to do the interior work on  Feng Shui lines in our Flat No.2102-E, Mahendra Splendour, LBS Marg, Bhandup (W), Mumbai-400 078″
Karan Singh
“Sharmila is a brilliant and inspiring fengshui teacher. Her teachings had a powerfully positive effect on my life. She enjoys sharing her wisdom and delights in other’s success. Thank you Sharmila for transforming my life and million others out there”
Ameya Saawant


“Over a period of time, My office at andheri east had got extremely cluttered. We continued to work without paying heed to the outward appearance, focussing on the day to day work at hand. Off and on we did think of doing a bit of renovation and overhauling the workspace, but time constraints and other distractions kept us from doing it. Business was somewhat slack and numerous hurdles kept arising. At this time one of my business associates recommended that we should take sharmila’s advice, which i eventually did.

Thanks to her, the entire office space got renovated, and decluttered. It seemed like a brand new workplace. Sharmila activated the positive energy areas for new business, wealth corners & new associations and growth areas. Small changes have made huge differences in work.

Sharmila has been associated with us for the past 7 yrs and whenever i need to make changes or start something new, she is always there to guide and advise, apart from the annual audit and activations that we do.
I wish sharmila the very best in all her ventures and in her life. God bless!”

Sanjive prasad


“Sharmila has led us through an amazing journey so far filling it with charged energy and positivity everywhere.

When my husband and i decided to do up our new house, wanting to make changes, our first step was to rope in sharmila, so that she could do a thorough audit and accordingly advise us on how to go about it. This she did very meticulously and efficiently, activating the high energy areas and taking necessary steps to neutralise the not so good ones. She activated areas for wealth & prosperity as also for peace, harmony, relationships and spirituality.

There were certain issues that the society had with regard to shifting our main door, that our architect and designer so wanted to do and we had given up all hopes of doing so. It was the timely intervention of sharmila and her calculation on which date to start the process, that it finally became possible, being amicably settled.
We have known sharmila for the past 5 years and have been guided by her in every small  and big venture.

It is not surprising that when we have friends over, many times somebody has invariably remarked, “there is tremendous positive energy  in your house”!

I believe fengshui and chinese astrology are definitely guided by scientific tenets and it takes an expert proponent such as sharmila to harness their power to bring about positive changes in our lives. We wish sharmila all the very best, may she continue touching lives with positivity, bringing about prosperity & harmony.”



“My husband was hunting for a good job and a good project since 5 months. But something was hindering his progress.
We stay in Bangalore and as per my sister in laws( gayatri vijay kumar) advice I gave u the directions of my residence.
We followed the remedies given by you and immediately things worked for him. He is quite happy with his new assignment.
Thanking you
On behalf of     Mr.Raghavendra rao pakka
Usha pakka