Fengshui Package for Property Developers

End – to – End Consultation 

Let us work with you all the way, right before groundbreaking begins, until your development is finally launched. We will assess, audit and provide all the advice necessary to ensure that your development derives maximum benefits from its Feng Shui potential.

Post – Consultation Advisory Services 

Under this package, in addition to supporting ongoing Feng Shui considerations for your development, we will also provide input on your marketing collateral, and give talks on the Feng Shui of your project to potential buyers – to educate potential buyers on the Feng Shui potential of your property. This offer is also extended to individual purchasers, who wish to get a Feng Shui assessment of the specific property they intend to buy or have bought within your development.

Panel Feng Shui Consultant 

Benefit from our consultancy services in the long run through this package. For a pre – agreed period of time, we will act as your panel Feng Shui consultant, advising you on projects you are working on. This is a tailor – made service to suit your specific requirements – and budget!