Fengshui Membership

Master Sharmila Mohanan, provides a membership options, for frequent users. Unlike other Fengshui experts, Master Sharmila Mohanan, personally attends to all your queries regarding Bazi, Iching & Fengshui.

Membership benefits and fees are as belows:

  • The Membership fee is Rs. 5,000/- which is valid for 1 year after which it automatically states terminated.
  • This Membership can be used for asking any 6 Questions for the whole year or even can be adjustable with other services.
  • The Membership is neither transferable nor refundable.
  • The member will receive 10% Discount on all services.
  • The member will receive 20% Discount on any Seminars held for the full year.
  • Please fill in the membership form below and send the Membership Fee by Cheque or through Online Money Transfer, using the details as given below:

Payment Options

Account No. : 472402010072188
Account Name : Sharmila Mohanan
Bank & Branch : Union Bank of India, Ghatkopar Branch

For payments within India, deposit the Indian Rupee, directly in the above mentioned account and send me an email or call me with the details of the deposited money.

Correspondent Bank for US$ : Bank of New York, NEWYORK
Swift Code : IRVTUS3N
Correspondent Bank for EURO : Commertz Bank, FRANKFURT
Swift Code : COBADEFF
Correspondent Bank for POUND : HSBC Bank, LONDON
Swift Code : MIDLGB22